Saturday, July 11, 2015

Slow-Mo Psycho

These are the pups playing in slow motion. I have taken exactly two slow-motion videos of the pups with the iPhone, but they have both been interesting, as you see more, and understand what is going on better, when things are slowed down.  This looks terrifying in slow-mo, but notice that it's all open mouth playing.  No animals were harmed in the making of this movie!


Rick said...

I have lots of footage of various pups playing like this. Great fun!

Ruth Hansell said...

What I see in the difference between silly play and a real fight is in attitude. Body language is loose, eyes are dancing, and each one is usually giving as good as they get.

When I first had multiple dogs, all border collies, I heard a tremendous racket. Went to see what it was - one dog had another by the back of the neck and was dragging her down the hall. The noise was the draggee's head hitting the wall several times.

I pulled them apart. They went back at it, this time with the roles reversed. They evidently really liked that game.

I liked the slo-mo growling!


jdlvtrn said...

I've had Malamutes and other northern breed dogs/pups since 1969. This is also typical of their style of play-fighting. Muscle memory is faster than any reaction by an overprotected pet can ever be. As there are training weapons and patterned movements in our martial arts, the animals seem to have figured it out as well.

jeffrey thurston said...

I know it's supposed to be a big No-No but I play with both my dogs biting my hands like this. It's our little game- no one else is allowed to do it. They never bite me hard but accidentally sometimes they nick me. It sounds like the end of the world with growling and yowling but if I say "No Bite!" they stop immediately. It's fun.

Nate Turner said...

once i started filming the dogs in slow mo I realized how much we miss in terms of communication between the dogs. it also made think that it is probably not accurate to quiz people on canine emotions using single frame images.