Thursday, July 02, 2015

Coffee and Provocation

Sterilizing Deer Increases Deer Numbers?
Scientists who have been surgically sterilizing deer on the campus of Cornell University have discovered that their work has resulted in no decline in deer numbers and may have exacerbated the problem.  It seems by preventing pregnancy in does, Cornell accidentally triggered reoccurring deer estrus cycles which lure bucks in from all around. 

A Treasure Trove of African Rock Art
The British Museum is uploading 25,000 digital images of African rock art. Fabulous! 

Maybe They Should Import Mexicans?
Columbia has a record coffee harvest, but a shortage of workers to pick it. Or at leash a shortage of workers at the wages and benefits offered for unreliable seasonal employment that involves hard physical labor in remote locations.  Sound familiar? Too bad they don't have slaves.

300 Years of the Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes
Note how many slaves went to South American and the Caribbean.  Most died there, as conditions were horrible, and disease rampant.

Can Fish Feel Pain?
Probably not say scientists who say the primitive brains fish do not have enough sensory receptors in their nerve cells for suffering to occur.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Darwin 
A computer has developed a new scientific theory, using only artificial intelligence, to solve the problem of how flatworms replicate after being sliced up.

Extension Cord Solution
A carabiner can help you keep your extension cords connected -- a solution to a perpetual problem. It's at the 3.08 mark.

Feminist Drones Dropping Abortion Pills
Why are feminist drones dropping abortion pills in Poland? Women on Waves is using drones to highlight Poland’s restrictive abortion laws.

Girl Scout Troop Council Rejects $100,000
The money came with a condition:  they had to reject transgender scouts.  Instead, the scouts rejected the money... and raised $250,000 through Indiegogo.

Storage Hack for IPhone
iOS 8 lets you store lower resolution versions of photos and videos on your iPhone, while uploading the full resolution versions to your iCloud account. Simply go to Settings > Photos & camera > Optimize phone storage. Other hacks here.

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Mary Pang said...

I keep fish. My faves are panda cories as they hang out together, get on and don't cause any trouble. Last night the danios were in good form, having a great time chasing each other about the tank. My overly dominate barb has hassled another of his kind to death. He doesn't kill them physically, but makes them depressed so they don't eat. My bristlenose has favourite spots where she will sleep flat on her back. They know when it's feeding time and seem to recognise who's near the tank.
Fish get whitespot, the itching drives them crazy. They are extremely sensitive to ammonia, which causes many pet fish deaths.
I'm not a scientist but fish certainly feel something.
Even the shrimp have their moments.