Friday, June 19, 2015

Fox on Back Steps

I changed the camera location last night, but  did not get the right distance or the right frame at the new location.  Pretty wet over night. Lots of  pictures of this fellow, but most of them too close and blurred as a consequence. Yes, that's Purina and sunflower seeds!

This low shot does show one thing -- it shows how long a fox's legs are, and how small and narrow their chest is under all that winter fur. As small as little Moxie is (and she is tiny!), she is built like a dog and has to be smaller in height in order to follow a 14" tall animal that is built like a cat anywhere that it could possibly go underground! A 14" tall terrier of normal working proportions will have a chest that is 3-5" bigger than a fox of the same size.  Moxie is a shade under 11" tall and has the same chest size as a mid-sized red vixen.

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