Thursday, June 11, 2015

Denali Lives

Ben Moon adopted Denali from an animal shelter in 1999. The two were inseparable as they traveled the Pacific Northwest and Moon built his career documenting mountain climbers and surfers, while also doing commercial shoots for big name brands like Nau, Patagonia, Keen, and Timberland.

Ben Moon got cancer
, but kicked it.

Then Denali got cancer and he didn't.

That's the short story. But the true story -- the never ending story -- is of love between a man and his dog who left his earthly body at age 14, but lives forever in the heart of the one that remembers. If you have a hole in your soul shaped like a dog, you know what that's like.

You do right by the dog. That is the job. You do that, and all else is commentary.

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jeffrey thurston said...

I liked this video- at first I thought it was another hipster/Gen-X "look how cool and sensitive I am" dog death video like many on you-tube but it was the real deal- ironically for such a slickly produced piece. The dog/human relationship in my case is skewed- when I was a teenager we lost 5 dogs to the highway in front of our house after we moved to Upstate from Colombia. I claim to be hard-hearted about my dogs now because of this experience but I think it's a lie...