Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Coffee and Provocation

How Many Birds Do Wind Turbines Really Kill?
The short answer is that, based on number alone, they do not even graph when compared to cats. Of course, cats do not kill many eagles or hawks.

Google Sheep View
Yes, this is a thing: It's a Tumblr of shots of sheep taken from Google street view from around the world: California, England, Netherlands, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Kentucky, Wales, Scotland, Taiwan, Ireland, Sardinia, Australia, Spain, Vermont, France, Chile, Italy, Estonia, Tasmania, Sicily, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Ernest Hemingway Visits New York City

A nice old profile about Ernest Hemingway in New York City, back when Ambercrombie and Fitch sold guns.

Sheep Dipping Meets the Big Wink
From the FCPA blog comes a nice piece on how corrupt corporations talk: "In banking, it's common to refer to compliance training as 'sheep dipping,' which conveys an implicit disdain for the process, but also an understanding that all employees must go through it. Cultures of corruption need employees to navigate a world where the leadership is telling them to do one thing, while implicitly directing them to do something else. These signals are not difficult to follow, but require an initiation process that socializes the employee to accept corruption, and even regard it as a privilege to be included in the joke. It explains the use of metaphors to describe corruption, the prevalence of in-group culture in corrupt organizations, and the creation of mystique around corrupt teams, who deliberately limit the access available to more ethical outsiders."

Amazon to Build Solar Farm in Virginia
Amazon is teaming up with Community Energy, Inc. to build an 80 megawatt solar farm in Accomack County, Virginia.

What's My One Hundred Trillion Dollars Worth?
I Have a one hundred trillion dollar note from Zimbabwe -- the largest bit of legal tender ever made. What's it worth now? "Accounts with balances above Z$175 quadrillion will be paid the equivalent value after applying the UN exchange rate of US$1/Z$35 quadrillion."

Lord Voldemort is Polling Well
Of course, he's still behind the Darth Vader, the Terminator, and the shark from Jaws.  He's not doing as well as Hillary or Bernie Sanders though... Damn muggles!

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