Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cat Given "Hero Dog" Award

I do not think this award would ever have been made
were it not for the video tape.

The Los Angeles SPCA has given its "National Hero Dog" prize to a cat that saved its owners child from a vicious and unprovoked attack by a cowardly and vicious dog.

The cat, named Tara, lived in Bakersfield, California with her owner’s six-year-old son, Jeremy Triantafilo.  Jeremy was happily riding his bicycle in front of his house when the dog attack occurred.

You can see, above, what Tara did, and the speed and fury with which she launched her counterattack.

Jeremey received eight stitches to close the wound on his leg. No news on the attacking dog, but he would not live long if this had been my child.


Rick said...

The dog was put down by authorities.

Rick said...

And the cat became an international celebrity. Really.

seeker said...

I hope the dog's owners were also fined and/or had to pay medical bills. Awesome cat by the way.

M said...

The dog was named Scrappy and was identified as a lab/chow mix and belonged to a neighbor who got him to reportedly prevent further break ins. The dog slipped out of the house or yard while they were moving a car and that's how the video incident we see - came to be.

He was euthanized 10 days after he was given up to Animal control. It was reported that he was pretty vicious in Animal control care as well and supposedly bit a couple workers while waiting out his quarantine.

jeffrey thurston said...

"cowardly and vicious"? I'm pretty sure only people can be cowardly and vicious- dogs like that are just plain vicious. Just a bad dog- and compared to the millions of cowardly and vicious acts by humans this is just a sad fluke. Courageous cat- vicious but IMO not "cowardly" dog. "Cowardly" applies to those who know...