Friday, May 01, 2015

What Blogs or Web Sites Should I Be Reading?

Put your suggestions into the comments. 

I read about 250 blogs and web sites a day using Feedly.

I try to fence out nonsense, but I am always looking for interesting, useful and fun, and a lot of good blogs are moribund or dead. Not every one has sitzfleisch.

Most people just sit on the train, or the doctor's office, or at traffic lights and they no nothing. I dictate, read, take notes, scan emails, look for pictures, listen to books. I am always looking for more input.


Simba said...

Not dog-related but they seem like they'd be right up your street:

Respectful insolence



Jack Monroe on food and poverty:

Shannon Gentry said...

Well, I read yours, so that is recommended. I also like my local (Northwest) weather guy...
I also follow many artists, that being an interest of mine.
Thanks for keeping posting, yours leads me to much more than "dog".

Mary Pang said...

Cooking and knitting obsessives:

PBurns said...

One that used to be in my feed, and slipped out with the Google Reader crash and move to feedly is this one >>

Posting it here so my ADD self will not fail to add it when shout out time comes around.

Anonymous said...

you already have listed some of my favorites
I also enjoy reading 'Tetrapod Zoo'(critters); 'Stonekettle Station
(more political) the collection 'Phenomena' at National Geographic; and once a week, the Arch Druid Report comes out (but I am a little weird)and that is enough from one reader..

PBurns said...

Another blog recently added is Geoni Banner's blog at >>

Leema said...

You may like The Dog Zombie:

Peter Apps said...

Another vote for Phenomena, and you can sign up for a weekly selection at