Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Root of all Things

Mom and Darwin

My mother has been a steady, sensible rock my entire life. She is a constant life-long learner, perpetually curious, always reading, brave, tough when she has to be, nobody's fool. 

She grew up as a single child in a small town in Kansas, went to Syria the day she got married, and has been everywhere worth going to, from Petra to Zimbabwe, from Machu Pichu to Japan, from Paris to Mexico, from Mali to Peru, from Germany to Libya, from Turkey to Canada, from California to Lebanon, from Norway to Iran. She knows about the world because she has been in it, double drenched in wonder.

Through it all she raised two kids who now have jobs and kids of their own, and as a teacher for over 40 years, she taught an army of school kids about insects and life cycles, patterns, and history, native cultures, and great story.  

My mom can bait a hook, build you bookshelves, raise a brood of chickens, make a lemon meringue pie, and haggle her way through an Arab bazaar earning respect in every stall.

And is she a terrierwoman?  Only for 75 years, with Trouble, Scoot, Stuff I, Stuff II, Pearl, and now Darwin.

I am my mother's son, and damn proud of it.

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