Thursday, May 21, 2015

Terrierman, the Early Years

This was me as a little shaver
with the house man/gardener and our dog at that time (named "Charlie," I think) who was on a long-term "borrow" from the French lady next door.

My earliest memories are of Mali.  I think this gardener was the fellow who used to beat giant "flying fox" bats -- fruit bats with wings spanning 2.5 feet -- -- out of the mango and fig trees in our yard.


jeffrey thurston said...

Ex-Expat (as am I) I know- but where did you live in Africa? I grew up in Bogota- our "Charlie" was named "Funcion"- he was the cowboy on the Rockefeller Foundation's ranch in Girardot, Colombia.

jeffrey thurston said...

Sorry- I read too quickly- Mali's where you lived- a lot hotter than Bogota. Same poverty and tiny rich elite I presume...