Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spark EV Found in the Wild

I found this parked in my regular spot at work.  My spot is not reserved, so I just parked next to it, but the car was very small and short, so I noticed. What was it? 

It turns out it's a Spark EV (electric vehicle) made by Chevrolet. This car is a $140 a month lease with no money down.  So far, this car is only available in California, Maryland, and Oregon.  The Spark EV qualifies for single-occupant use in the carpool lanes in California and Maryland. The car is made (or assembled) in Brownstown, Michigan.

My current Ford SUV is probably my last pure internal-combustion car.  I hope to get it to 200,000 miles (80,000 miles more), at which point I expect that my flying car will finally be ready.

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