Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Lion Cub Stuck in Buffalo Butt

Back in 2012, writing about dog food, I observed that "The preferred diet of the wolf is not cooked backstrap from the pride of the herd, but raw flesh ripped from the diseased rectum of a downer cow."

In fact, that is true for most top end predators, which tend to gravitate towards animals that are already sick or lame, and which tend to break into large carcasses from the rear.

In the video, above, we have a young lion who has gotten his head stuck inside a cape buffalo's butt. Though it's funny on the surface, this actually appears to be a fairly serious situation for the young cub who may end up getting suffocated for its enthusiasm.

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Mary Pang said...

Surely if its head went in, it can get out again? But then kids get their heads stuck in railings and our dog got his nose stuck in an old can.