Friday, May 29, 2015

Goldfish or Godfish?

The weirdest thing. I just came outside to check on the pups, who had been released outside to pee just a few minutes earlier. I found Moxie nuzzling this goldfish at the top of the driveway.

WTF? Not one of mine.

I pick it up and, unbelievably, it's still alive.

I rush down to my little pond and troll it through the water to increase the flow of water over its gills. I do this three times, and it swims off.

But it's not my goldfish. I know mine. Plus, the pups are bone dry. This goldfish has to have been dropped by a blue heron fishing someone else's pond nearby. The heron must have dropped it. Has to be... A mystery.

If a fish like this drops from the sky, is it a Goldfish or a Godfish?

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Anonymous said...

it's both! ha!~ :) <><