Sunday, May 03, 2015

Dogswell is a Ridiculous Product

I stopped at the local Harris Teeter, and saw these dog treats being advertised. 

The bullshit hipster logo caught my eye, and then the wording:  "VITALITY FOR HOLISTIC WELLNESS."

I picked up the bag to read the ingredients (it's made of exhausted old laying hens, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach) and was shocked at how light it was for the price. $7.29 for 5 ounces.

That means this stuff costs over $24 a pound!

A quick Google tells me this stuff is being foisted on gullible shoppers by one "Marco Giannini, who grew up with a German shepherd named Emily that developed hip dysplasia."

Right. Another "get-rich quick" fellow who knows nothing about dogs is trolling for low-information gullibles. I wondered if he used to peddle tobacco and junk food like the guy who created "Blue Buffalo"? And the answer is... just about. His last company was a "natural-beverage company called Clear Day" and it went bust

Giannini, of course, has no background in nutrition of any kind, no expertise in dogs, and does not even make his own dog food. His whole modus operandi appears to be classic "lick and stick" where a no-name company, without a steady sources of suppliers or a track record in food, designs a label to stick on a bag of stuff that has received little or no testing. The only difference here is the jaw-dropping pricing. With some humor, I note that the "Quality Assurance Manager" at "Dogswell" does not even have a last name!

Meanwhile, in the same store, 
whole boneless pork tenderloin is being sold for $3.15 a pound, and whole frozen chicken wings are being sold for $2.50 a pound.

As always, feed what you want, but in the pantheon of bullshit companies cranking out ridiculous products at incredible prices, it's hard to beat "Dogswell".

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5string said...

I'll but a tub of chicken livers or gizzards for the dogs. Better and cheaper than any 'dog treats'.