Thursday, May 14, 2015

AKC Touts an E-Collar as "the Most Humane and Effective Way to Develop a Well-behaved Dog"

It seems someone at the AKC actually took the time to USE a modern e-collar and as a result, the Mini Educator, made by E-Collar Technologies (the same model I use on my three dogs) is being touted by the editor of the Spring/Summer "Gear Guide" column in the AKC's Family Dog publication as "the most humane and effective way to develop a well-behaved dog."

Yes indeed.

Of course, you still have to learn how to train a dog.  

It's not all about one tool or one thing. Training is a process, not an event, and yes it still involves a leash and treat bag as well as an e-collar.

That said, it is as it has always been:  Experience trumps theory, performance trumps fear, and a happy obedient leash-free dog is a walking case-statement on four legs.

"Show them, don't tell them."

Someone at the AKC got shown, and so now one of the very best of the modern e-collars is being touted as "the most humane and effective way to develop a well-behaved dog."

As always, ignorance is a treatable disease.  

But has everyone gotten the treatment?  

No. of course not. The AKC is still full of airheads and dim bulbs. This is, after all, an organization that salutes closed registries and the failed eugenics theories of Victorian England. Inside the AKC show ring, health counts for zero, work counts for zero, and temperament counts for zero. And what about dog training? Here too, the AKC is generally stuck in the 19th Century.

But let us celebrate anyway.  

It seems someone actually tried a modern e-collar, and seeing was believing.

It's funny what experience can teach you, if you let it.

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