Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Dog Owner's Mirror

Dogs are a mirror we like to look at.

If I came to your house
and crapped on your rug, peed on your wooden floor, and threw your cell phone into a blender, you would toss me out of the house and call the police.

And yet, when dogs do this kind of thing, we forgive them and insist on having them in our lives.  


Here’s the answer:  Dogs make us feel good about ourselves.

A dog is always glad to see usThey reaffirm that we are special – that we are wise, powerful, loving, important, and worthy of adoration.  

No matter how ugly, powerless, or socially inept we may be, our dog is always glad to see us, and to tell us we are TOPS.

In short, dogs make us feel good about ourselves, so we are willing to do quite a lot for them, including forgiving a lot of transgressions, costs, and inconveniences.

If you are in sales, you can learn a hell of a lot from dogs.  

How you make a person FEEL is very important.

If you want to win and prosper in life and business, make the other person FEEL good about themselves.


Gaddy Bergmann said...

Agreed. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of dog they have. I think feisty people have feisty dogs, laid back people have laid back dogs, outdoorsy people have outdoorsy dogs, and so on.

Me, I've always kept natural-looking mixed dogs. And sure enough, I'm a naturalist. :)

jeffrey thurston said...

I guess dogs are great psychologists- like con artists, grifters, salesmen, preachers and politicians who since the dawn of civilization have practiced actual, working psychology. No acronyms, no fancy PhDs, no stupid theories- just the fundamentals of human nature- understood well if unwittingly by dogs...

Anonymous said...

so true! And I was just thinking about how awesome they make us feel --- sometimes with just the wag of a tail when we step into the same room :)

PBurns said...

Dogs are really just very good dog trainers. They train us, mostly with positive rewards. But not all.