Friday, April 17, 2015

Fish on Friday

Good news for fish.

Federal regulators are closing the commercial sardine fishing season early in Oregon, Washington and California, and they will keep it closed for more than a year.

 The Pacific sardine population has crashed more than 90 percent since 2007, and it's long past time to put in a moratorium.

Because of the Sardine decline, there has been a record die-off of sea lions, and biologist say 70 percent of sea lion pups born this year probably won’t survive due to food shortages.

Another species hammered by the decline in sardines is brown pelicans, whose numbers are also in free-fall on the Pacific coast.

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Mary Pang said...

I feel bad for fish; I have hope that overfishing will be addressed properly and soon.
There are fish I won'tt eat like marlin and bluefin, even north atlantic cod. I thought sardine was abundant, seems not.