Thursday, March 26, 2015

World War I Terriers

Staff Sergeant and horse farrier for the Army Service Corps (ASC) with the Corps pet dogs, Hissy and Jack, in France in 1916.

Army Service Corps (ASC) members posing with their company dog in 1917.

 Messenger dog, 1918.

German officers in France in 1917 with their terrier.

German officers in 1915 with their terrier. The man under the X is a young Adolph Hitler.


Beth Boyle said...

Patrick, My grandfather was in the 314th Infantry in France. They befriended a German Terrier, who did not understand English! He later was named Pat, and became their mascot. He was brought back with the troops to the USA and lived with a solder in Pennsylvania. Upon Pat's death he was taxidermy-preserved and became part of the 314th's archives. Photo on website scroll down :

PBurns said...

Excellent. In death, no dog could do better than to be taxidermied and remembered forever as a friend to the soldiers who saved him. It sounds odd, but it is, in fact, wonderful.

jeffrey thurston said...

Just like Brian's mom! (Family Guy)