Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Nose Is the Window to the Hole

Eyes may be the window to the soul, but with dogs, the nose is the window to the hole.

For dogs, the story of forest, field, feather and fur is written in urine on a tapestry of dirt and vine.

If you want a dog that can locate, and that can work long hours in warm weather, you want a dog with a muzzle.


jeffrey thurston said...

You also want that muzzle for its fine set of big sharp teeth! A long muzzle makes for fine big teeth- all the JRTs I've had have had scary teeth- dogs with squished muzzles (including Pit Bulls) have relatively little teeth.

jeffrey thurston said...

Interesting how the dog's nose can be trusted to know if there's prey or not- I go by a set of rat holes every day on our walk but when there are rats about my little bandit-faced guy becomes totally obsessed and makes a weird whistling bark. He dug and dragged out a rat once and I was as proud as can be. Other times he's sat with his face and upper body in the hole for 20 minutes or so- he won't leave willingly. Most of the time they are both disinterested- and I know there's nothing about. I really want to take them Back East to my parent's home in Upstate New York to try and dig out woodchucks- I know they could do it and the little guy might even be able to fit in the holes...