Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mountain Gets Old

Mountain Girl is old. She is arthritic, almost toothless, and when I came home last night she greeted me and never noticed this rather enormous deer in the backyard. I suspect her vision and hearing are not what they once were.  

She prefers the warmth of my study now, when she once lived to lecture the squirrels and patrol the yard against fox, raccoon and birds.  

Old age -- it is the wolf that hunts us all. 

Mountain has at least a year left, but her hunting days are behind her I think. But we shall see. There is still a twinkle in her eye, even if it's a little bluer than it once was. We shall see. As always, I listen to the dogs. They are always the experts.

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jeffrey thurston said...

Kind of melancholy seeing old Jacks- when I'm out walking my two maniacs I meet people who say wistfully "I remember when our Willie (whoever) was like that" and I see Willie rheumy-eyed and slow walking beside them. My previous JRT lived "til she was 16 and only slowed down her last three months with congestive heart failure. Our love-hate relationship gave way to my feeling sorry for her sad self. She died with her head literally in her food bowl- I guess happy! After the spirited discussion in a previous post I think I can see what you mean about dogs "being the experts". I even get how same species or not they aren't wolves...