Friday, February 13, 2015

What Would Jesus Did?

Link to Guardian article.
Wait.  This is the POPE??

How many kids does he have?  

How many for the nuns?  

How many for the cardinals?  

How about the priests and bishops?  

How many for Jesus?  


John the Baptist?

What would Jesus do?  

He would have no kids. 

This over-crowded globe needs more children like we need Ebola on the subway.

You want children?  Adopt. Moses, Esther, Jesus.  All adopted.  

How many children has this pope adopted?


concretenprimroses said...

Oh well, I didn't really want to return to the Catholic faith anyway, tho I was considering it.

Jason Krysl said...

Moses actually had two sons. Not that it matters.

Karen Carroll said...

People who adopt and foster kids are my heroes. They are the BEST in humanity.

jeffrey thurston said...

The more children the more for these "celibate" weirdos to molest! Religion is disgusting...