Saturday, February 28, 2015

Slightly Used Blonde Needs Home, Age 20-45

Click to enlarge. Source.
This is how the world "places" dogs, especially Pit Bulls, with the worst pictures taken at the worst day of a dog's life, with a sad story about abandonment, and with massive restrictions on adoption and a "drop dead" date on top. Any wonder why so many dogs are euthanized?


jeffrey thurston said...

I've gotten both my JRTs through Russell Rescue of California. I got both based on photos which were quite good- the people were very helpful. I will say though that it is sad looking at the scores of ads just like the one above knowing that most of the little dogs will have a hard time with placement- although I do think they end up in in foster care all their lives. Am I naive?

Karen Carroll said...

Have you ever looked into the issue of homeowner's and renter's insurance regarding 'dangerous' breeds and their crosses? Another problem with pit bull placement, especially here in Florida is INSURANCE, homeowner's especially. If we had a pit, our homeowners is cancelled. This agency in FL is an unusual risk agency (Lester kalmanson Insurance in Maitland, FL.