Sunday, February 08, 2015

Coffee and Provocation

PETA Runs a Slaughter House, Not a Shelter
Some years back, I put forth a simple idea that others have since picked up; that PETA was not running a legal shelter under Virginia law. Now the Virginia Senate has just passed a bill (33 to 5) aimed at preventing PETA from killing thousands of dogs and cats a year at their Norfolk headquarters.  If the Virginia House passes a similar measure, Virginia's legal code will note that a private animal shelter will mean "a facility operated for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes and facilitating other lifesaving outcomes for animals."  But, as I have noted in the past, Virginia's current shelter law says pretty much the same thing, which means PETA has been operating outside the law for decades. What is needed is not new law, but a state willing to pull the plug on PETA.

Making Sure the ADA is Not Wrecked by Selfish Pet Owners
Cecile McKee thinks selfish pet owners are undermining the Americans with Disabilities Act. She's right. For background information, read this post from December.

Mother Nature's GMO 

Revolutionary cutting-edge advances in biotechnology makes editing genes remarkably easy. The techniques used are the same ones that give bacteria power over their enemies. Read all about in in Quanta Magazine.

Craft Beer from Sewage Water 

It's all poop and piss, all the way down. The tomato, the soil, the potato, the water. Beer? No problem. Yeast has been shitting in that stuff since the beginning.

Artificial Intelligence for the Win
The next generation of drugs -- including those to fight malaria -- are going to be found by our robot overlords.

As Good as Titanium at a Tenth the Cost 
An alloy of iron and aluminium is as good as titanium, at a tenth of the cost. This will change cars, bicycles, motorcycles and airplanes.

Owl Porn at Audubon Magazine 
Nice pictures in this one. Text not so much.

Keep on being classy Saudi Arabia 
Saudi Arabia held an all male women’s rights conference. And you thought that only happened in the U.S. Congress!

Darwin Loves the Anti-Vaxxers! 

Darwin loves the anti-vaxxers, and I do too.I don't want to stop the anti-vaccine movement. I want the stupid people gone.The earth is far too crowded now.Go ahead and kill your kids by not vaccinating. Darwin approved. Cosco sells good cheap children's coffins. That's my consumer tip of the week.

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Ian Logan said...

Regarding the Saudi womens rights conference. It reminds me that the UK house of Commons recently had a debate about voter apathy. Six MPs turned up!