Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Bark Collar

For years I have simply driven my neighbors crazy ("I've been in this house longer than you have been in yours, and the dogs have been here since the beginning."), but with the arrival of Moxie, things came off the hook when she was initially put in the crate at night (puppy!), and so I broke down and ordered a bark collar. This little thing is small and it works. There is no setting it -- whatever charge it gives off is so small that the dogs do not squeal or show any sign of distress or irritation when it is administered, but at the same time it knocks barking down to zero. A very good piece of kit. I now own two of them and just ordered a third for my mother.


Bob Ryan said...

I should get one of those for my mother. She does whine a lot.

Mark Farrell-Churchill said...

"I now own two of them [bark collars] and just ordered a third for my mother."

For those occasions when "Sorry, mom, I've got to go now" just won't cut it... ;D

PBurns said...



How to phrase that??

How about "As a GIFT for my mother...."

She's not really a barker -- more of a "pointer-outer." :)


Cassandra Was Right said...

I'm keeping my daughter's five-pound yapper for some undefined period of time. She only barks outside, but there she barks constantly. The noise doesn't bother the neighbors but it bugs the heck out of me. Wondering if this collar is small and light enough for her.

PBurns said...

Yes, it is small enough. Very small unit and I am using it on a dog that weights only 8.75 pounds now.