Monday, January 26, 2015

The Morally Bankrupt RSPCA

The RSPCA in the U.K. continues to demonstrate that it has completely lost its way.

The organization is now advertising for a new CEO after three top managers quit last year. Note that that RSPCA continues to look for banker and advertising types -- their ad for the top position does not mention care or concern for domestic or wild animals at all as a job requirement.

Now the RSPCA, which is still rolling in money, and pays its top managers jaw-dropping sums, is about to close Putney Animal Hospital and three other London clinics which were once featured on a TV show called "Animal Hospital".

The RSPCA is trying to insinuate that the closings have something to do with the fact that the TV show was introduced and narrated by pedophile Rolph Harris, but of course that is ridiculous. Putney was there before TV even existed!

The simple truth is that the RSPCA is closing the hospital because the national RSPCA has never been about helping animals at all.  It's all about direct mail and street-side charity muggers and national campaigns against farming and hunting of any kind.

Countryside Alliance chair Tim Bonner gets it exactly right when he says:
This is in an inevitable consequence of pursuing a politicised agenda that has alienated so many of its supporters.

It has a choice where to cut. Closures suggest it is again prioritising politics and prosecution over caring for animals on the front line.

Meanwhile, the national RSPCA
continues to do almost nothing for dogs and cats. As I noted in a previous post :
Apparently "rehoming" less than 600 dogs a year was such a burden on the RSPCA, despite their £121 million income, that they could not find space or time for another 165 healthy dogs, and so they had to kill them.

The RSPCA has always played this game where the national organization pockets the Big Money while the starved branches are left to do the work. This is the SAME FRAUD that the Humane Society of the U.S. does.

Of course the gullible and the naive in the U.K. continue to get confused by the federated nature of the RSPCA, not understanding that the local organizations get nearly nothing from national, and that it is national that collects all the big dollars while the locals do all the work and remain cash-starved.

You could bomb the national RSPCA off its foundations and it would be no loss, and perhaps a massive gain, to the real needs of dogs, cats and wildlife in the U.K.

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Ian Logan said...

You are correct there are instances of people in Scotland mistakenly donating to the RSPCA instead of the Scottish SPCA. This is partly due to many UK TV stations carrying "national" adverts for the RSPCA. The SSPCA even changed their logo to "Scottish SPCA" in an effort to distance themselves.

In the UK there is also "The Dogs Trust" which I donate to. Even it has two separate registered charity numbers due to the differences in Scottish law.

Dogs Trust claim to "never put a healthy dog down" they even have a sanctuary in I think Kenilworth for the hopeless cases. They also have very pleasant and modern rehoming centers unlike the RSPCA ans SSPCA which are more like prisons. The Dogs Trust also have a clever scheme where you can carry something similar to a "donor card" that in the event of your death your dog will be cared for by Dogs Trust which is a comfort for many.