Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Circle of Life

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mugwump said...

This is what Thanksgiving is like at my house.

whyvette prior said...

very funny - and I recently heard a lady comedian form stage - and she said that she was trying to go vegan, and asked if there were any begins in the audience… heard a faint clap.. and then she said, yeah, you see - there is a vegan, who barely had enough strength to clap…. ha! it was funny - but I think it touched upon the value of meat and how it fortifies the body unlike any other thing - if people would just listen to their body (which is usually jacked up on sugar in many countries) but I think that a person's animal intake should be determined by their body type and what their blood needs - anyhow, funny cartoon that has many social angles to it - thx terrierman!