Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coffee and Provocation

Can Dogs Tell Us About Human Migration?
I doubt it, but the claim is being suggested.

What Canine Athletes Are More Likely to Get Injured?

Border collies top the preliminary list for agility injuries.  Considering the crappy way this "study" was done, I am not sure anything was actually learned.

Very Popular Sire Selection
A single Holstein bull sired over 500,000.  And you thought you were a stud!

The Arc of a Dog's Tail
From PubMed:  "Dogs with a wide angle of wag and dogs kept in kennels were at significantly higher risk of sustaining a tail injury. Dogs with docked tails were significantly less likely to sustain a tail injury.”

The Effect of Body Cameras Worn by Police
Violence against civilians falls like a rock.  No surprise!  

BitCoin Is Toast
The value of a currency backed by nothing and created by no one has fallen from $1,130 per unit in December 2013 to less than $200 today.

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