Thursday, November 20, 2014

These People Have Access to the Internet

Remember these people are in college, can vote, and they have opinions on all kinds of subjects and they will tell you that their opinions are just as valid as yours!

Don't believe that? Just ask them!


Peter Apps said...

For a university with "tech" in its name there was a conspicuous absence of "hard" subjects like engineering and sciences in what these future followers of the nation were studying. Could that have something to do with how challenged they are ?

Olde New England said...

Many thanks to the Kommon Kore Kurriculum, the new KKK. These kids have never be taught about the Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock, Jamestown, George Washington, Ben Franklin, the Revolutionary War. But they sure know all about slavery and how the Republicans formed the Ku Klux Klan. Oops! That was actually formed by Southern Democrats, but that's not taught in school either.

This country is in grave peril, with dumb a$$es like those in the interview representing the majority of the millenial generation.

PBurns said...

If you actually know history, then you know you have just distorted history quite a bit.

Yes, the Republican Party was the more liberal party until about 1912 or so. That was the year Teddy Roosevelt (a terrierman) and the liberal wing of the Republican party went independent and that wing never came back. When the GOP came back together in 1916, the conservatives were in charge and they have remained there ever since. From 1916 until 1932, it's fair to say we had two conservative parties. In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (another terrier man) set in motion the programs to end the Great Depression (see several posts on this blog about that), and he created a super-majority that dominated for a generation by getting the liberal wing of the Republicans (already feeling pretty alienated inside the GOP) to join the now-liberal Democrats. At that point the Republicans became the conservative party, with the Democrats trying to keep a Big Tent with the old southern racists from a generation earlier. The supermajority for Democrats ended when racists white southerners defected to the Republican Party, which very actively courted them during the Goldwater era (and since).

PBurns said...

I suppose it should also be pointed out that the Common Core curriculum and standards testing is NOT a federal government initiative, but something created by the National Governor's Association and embraced at the state level. In fact, Common core was the brainchild of the GOP, developed by Republican governors such as Sonny Perdue of Georgia.