Sunday, November 16, 2014

One Dog, 1,200 Emus

An adult emu is a serious bird with feet that could kill this dog with a single blow. I suspect, however, that the respect the emu have for the dog and the dog has for the emu is learned at a very early age and is somewhat imprinted as a result.

An emu is about as close to a living dinosaur as we have on this planet.  Just look at the toenail on that foot!

And an emu egg is very dark green -- and somewhat pointed on both ends.


jeffrey thurston said...

I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you've ever watched Animal Planet's Dogs 101. Unaware I'm sure but they pretty much confirm everything in your blog- just unwittingly. It's sad to see vets and "trainers" talking so nonchalantly about genetic defects and some of the monsters created by closed breeding. Also- every hare-brained legend about breed history is presented as fact and every idiotic cliche about breed characteristics again is presented as true. ("The folds in a bulldog's face are to draw off the blood of his victim... the bloodhounds sagging face serves to enhance the collection of scents... etc . " " Wondering what your take is on this program. Thanks, Jeff T.

PBurns said...

Dogs 101 is the video equivalent of an all breed book that parrots rumor and vague generalities sprinkled with ignorance and apologies. The radio equivalent is the "all pet" show on the local NPR station -- babblers filling space and time. They are to dogs and cats what Dr. Oz is to medicine.

jeffrey thurston said...

It's too bad there isn't a well done show on the canine world- there's so much real world stuff much more interesting than asinine BS. I appreciate your blog for your finely tuned bullshit-o-meter and your ability to correct yourself if need be. Your history of the Jack Russell is great- I read it when I got my little guys and I'm glad I found the blog. I still am mining through it.

Gina said...

My "Birds for Dummies" co-author, one of the world's top avian veterinarianz, had emus, ostriches and a couple of parrots. He said the emus were great pets if imprinted on humans as chicks, but the ostriches were always, always dangerous.

And then took me to visit a Cassowary. Now THAT is one scary-ass bird.

Gina said...

Look what I found:

Yep, one scary-ass bird!

PBurns said...

Johnny Cash Got His Ass Kicked by Big Bird >>