Monday, November 10, 2014

Coffee and Provocation

Amazon Prime Now Gives Unlimited Free Picture Storage
Starting today, Prime customers can upload an unlimited number of photos to Amazon's servers and sync them to any device. The new service is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and the web which means you can access your photos nearly everywhere. No editing features are built in, and sorting is by the date the photo was taken.

Polygamous Male Bustards
Polygamous male bustards eat poisonous beetles to rid themselves of STDs. Go on, read that sentence again.

Not Your Mother's Chickens
The modern birds grow faster, get bigger.

Climate Change Creating Iceland Forests
The Vikings logged or burned off most of Icelands's trees, and volcanic soil washed into the ocean leaving much of the land eroded and barren.  Now, thanks to global warming and an intensive tree-planting program,  forest cover is starting to return.  Over 3.2 million trees were planted last year alone -- about 10 trees per every resident of the island nation. 

Goat Cheese Not from Goat Milk
The Brits seem to have a serious problem in food quality control. Not that we don't, especially when it comes to seafood,

The Newest Invader Has Landed
It's the Spotted Lantern Fly, and it's in Pennsylvania.

Japanese Fox Farm
A Japanese petting zoo for fox.

Frank, you've got to stop smoking; that stuff will kill 'ya. 

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