Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Terrier Goes to Sea and Returns 450 Years Later

A small dog named Hatch drowned with the crew of the Mary Rose on July 19, 1545.

Now testing reveals that the dog had many characteristics similar to that of the modern Jack Russell Terrier -- and that the dog that was long thought to be female is, in fact, male.

It was thought the terrier was brought on board to rid the ship of rats, as well as to serve as a companion.

Hatch's remains went on display four years ago at the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, England. The skeleton came up with the boat when it was brought to the surface of the Solent in 1982. The skeleton is nearly complete except for a few teeth and toe bones.


ChrisEstMonNom said...

I have seen the skeleton. The Mary Rose museum and the whole Portsmouth Historic Dockyard that it's part of are great places to visit.

seeker said...

Its kind of sad, thus little skeleton. He was taken on board to do a job like the men. Hatch was no doubt treated kindly by some and not by others, but as a terrier he did his work with joy. He lived and died as his comrades did, at the whim of wood, canvas and the ocean they traveled on. Your life was spent in the traditions of your kind. Sleep well little one. Good Dog, Hatch. Good Dog.