Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Americans Need to Know About Ebola in Dogs

Not a single damn thing.  There is no evidence dogs can even carry ebola, and there have only been three ebola cases in America (one brought from overseas).  

As one wag pointed out, Taylor Swift fans kill more Americans every week than ebola has in the last 100 years!

Remember, the thing that REALLY kills Americans and their dogs is Dihydrogen Monoxide and bumble bees.  

And, as always, beware of the cows.

That said, because Ebola is not much of a threat to Americans, is no reason not to remember what is happening right now in West Africa.  Ebola is a very serious threat in that part of the world.  

I suspect we will contain this contagion, and hopefully it will be a wake up call about the need to be more forward-thinking about epidemics in this increasingly inter-connected world.  God help us all if this warning is not heeded.

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