Saturday, October 11, 2014

Two Pups, Same Litter

Moxie is on the left. She was the smallest female in the litter and Jack, the dog on the right, was the largest male. 

Moxie, who will be six months old next week, looked to be smaller than any of the 4-6 month old females in the ring at JRTCA nationals. I imagined she would be, as she should scale up to 11 inches and 10 pounds -- able to get anywhere underground. Sailor was this size, and she was the best dog I ever had in the field. She was a Bruno daughter, Mountain is a Bruno grandson, and Moxie is a Bruno great great granddaughter.


jeffrey thurston said...

Congrats on the little dog- I like her colored face too. I built a go- to- ground tunnel today using your instructions- my little guy got it within a minute and he was racing through getting treats! My bigger long-legged guy took a bit longer but he too finally "got it". It's such a blast watching them in their element. Keep up the good work with this blog- interesting, well-written and fun!

Robert Ballard said...

Your pups are only a couple weeks younger than my pair of beagle/feists. They look great. This weekend I brought home the littermate brother of my pair (who have been finding and running rabbits since 3 and 4 months old) He has never been in the woods and was never properly socialized. Raised in the house by an old lady and with his mother. Squirrely and fearful Mama's boy. If the rain will stop,I'll show him briars today. Love the John Prine/Bonnie Rait.