Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Laying on of Hands for Pets

I have written before about the witch-doctoring that is so common in the world of medicine (see A Good Witch Doctor Is Never Cheap), noting it is no different in the world of dogs, cats, and horses.

For those who think homeopathy is too close to mainstream quackery (and for those who don't, see our Very Special Offer), there is now a book on "Reiki" for pets called Hands-On Healing For Pets: The Animal Lover's Essential Guide To Using Healing Energy.

Reiki is the laying on of hands -- the age-old medical scam that involves the practitioner touching your body or, in this case, the animal's -- so that that the healer's "energy" can cure.

So is the author of this book, Margrit Coates, a delusional New Age flake, or just a bunko artist with another idea to separate people from their wallets? I will let you decide!

Suffice it to say she starts off her book by saying that homeopathy and herbs can be "confusing" and "in some cases can do harm," and that "not many people are confident enough in their anatomical knowledge" to do massage well, while as "hands-on healing is completely safe and uncomplicated."

Well yes, but it involves actual touching and time. For those who want something equally effective and safe, and even less complicated or troublesome, send your check for $12.99 to me, and I will "pray away" your pet problems.

Works on everything!l (your results may vary).

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