Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Blue Buffalo Poops Again

In the middle of a major lawsuit in which Purina is suing Blue Buffalo claiming Blue Buffalo uses by-products in their foods, Blue Buffalo has come out and admitted that it is true.


Yes, that's right; this is the second time that Blue Buffalo has peddled lies and whined it's not their fault, but someone else's. This time they tell us:

Blue Buffalo has recently learned from Wilbur-Ellis, a major U.S. Company that supplies ingredients to us and many other well-known brands of pet foods, that a Texas pet food ingredient processing plant they own had mislabeled some of the ingredients they shipped to their customers. So while their customers were ordering and paying for 100% chicken meal, at times they were receiving shipments that contained poultry by-product meal.”

Since this Wilbur-Ellis plant was the source of some of our chicken meal, we may have received some of these mislabeled shipments, and there likely are numerous other pet food companies who also received these mislabeled ingredients. The FDA has been informed of this situation, and you may rest assured that this mislabeling poses no health, safety or nutrition issue. And while this is comforting, since the health and well-being of our dogs and cats comes before anything else, the fact that any Blue Buffalo food could include a mislabeled ingredient is totally unacceptable. As a result, we have stopped doing business with this plant.
Well blow me down! Suddenly, when Blue Buffalo dog food is actually proven to contain poultry by-product meal, they tell us that poultry by-product meal "poses no health, safety or nutrition issue." 

Still laughing.

And, of course, it doesn't. That's the point. 

Every single thing that Blue Buffalo has ever said about their own dog food and everyone else's is pure Blue Buffalo-crap.

As I said in a previous post entitled Is Blue Buffalo a Howling Liar?

Before it's all over, the world is going to know what really comes out of a Blue Buffalo. Hint: it's soft and warm and squishes between your toes.

When the day is done, I hope Purina owns this company.

In the interim, stay that hell away from liars, frauds, fakes, pretenders, slanderers, and lick-and-stick marketing clowns.

Or, as I said it plainly back in August:

The folks who make Blue Buffalo think you are an idiot, and if you are buying their dog food, you are proving them right.

Word to the wise is sufficient.

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Fall Charmz said...

wow - and well said
"stay that hell away from liars, frauds, fakes, pretenders, slanderers, and lick-and-stick marketing clowns."