Monday, October 06, 2014

Puppies Growing Up

Short video of the two pups playing in my lap in the garage.  We do this most mornings.


Rick said...

One time, while fantasizing about winning the lottery, I was thinking about all the things I might do, and having lots of playing puppies was high on the list. So now, whenever I find myself watching puppies play, I say to myself that "I've won the lottery!"

Congratulations, Patrick, for you have won the lottery, too!

jeffrey thurston said...

So it's interesting watching your video- I "got it" as far as how function makes for beauty. Those small chests and tubular bodies are as beautiful as any AKC geegaw yet they serve in reality- not some marketing fantasy. To me they look as perfect and fine as thoroughbred race horses. I have two who still play-fight like that for hours at three years old- one of them is a tree climbing maniac- he's like a cat- able to leap tall buildings... Anyway- congrats on those beautiful little dogs!