Thursday, October 09, 2014

Disturbing Tails

I am not a massive fan of tattoos -- the art is generally poor and looks like the kind of elaborate doodle you might have found on the outside of a bored junior high school student's notebook back in the 1970s, when we actually had notebooks. That said, they are all the rage now, and a mom dragging her child through WalMart with a tramp stamp showing above her butt and a winged skull on her hand does not raise so much as an eyebrow. What once seemed edgy and special is now common place and simply a reminder that a lot of people make bad choices.  Imagine if ALL of those could be seen from a distance!


Annesofie Stisen said...

Much like anything else, tattoos excist on a continuum.

"wal-mart" tattoos a terrible, spur of the moment and often ugly.

The other kind of tattoo, the "specialty store" tattoo, much like the store, is more expensive and therefore rarer.

Add to that: some styles are more likely to be well-made than others, a cursory googlesearch for "geometrical dotwork" will yield some stunning work.

I have no interest in having a tattoo myself, but you sounded exactly like i do when going on a tear about "terrible modern art", and i usually benefit from someone showing me the good art too..soo :)

5string said...

That tatted dude is gonna be in trouble if the horses try to follow that fox!