Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Cranking an E-Collar Up to 100

Jeff Frawley demonstrates the high end
of an Educator remote collar

In this video he will also time out an Educator collar on level 20, and then he cranks it up to 100 in slo-mo. 

Jeff says he never goes above 20 for any of his own dogs, and neither do I.  I find a bare nick at "7" is all that is normally needed -- a "tap on the shoulder".

To repeat two points made in a previous post:
  • If you do not own a modern e-collar, and have never used one, your opinion on e-collars is less than worthless; it is uninformed bigotry of the most common kind.
  • E-collars do not train. What they do is proofIf you do not know what those two sentences mean, do not use an e-collar.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Note the bit at the end, where he reveals that he's got a moderator on the device. Goes to 80%.

Still, the advice to put it on yourself and see is good. Then you know what you are giving the dog, in terms of levels.