Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wolves Shape a River

Wolves move the deer... which brings back the willow and the aspen... and the berries... and the mice... which brings back the birds... which brings back the hawks... and the entire process means less soil erosion... which means less silt... and more fish in the river.


Noel said...

seeker said...

This has been proven through several studies (nope no link unfortunately) but we, the people who believe in fairy tales, are too afraid of the big bad wolves to allow Mother Nature to do her thing. Too bad.

Debi and the Jack/Rats

jeffrey thurston said...

Show this to the square-jawed welfare ranchers Out West who want to re-exterminate. I'm sure you heard of the wolf proof bus shelters in New Mexico? The "country" out there is full of stupid cowards and welfare cheats. "Cowboy up" is starting to mean "Be ignorant, needy and scared.

mugwump said...

Oh my Jeffrey - generalize much?
Are you talking the same NM as the state next door to me? The state where liberal conservationist, Ted Turner kicks back on all 590,823 acres of his Vermejo Park Ranch? The state where many too-cool-for-the-beaten-path actors (Daryl Hannah, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey) own homes and promote their PETA pushing politics?
If you want some of these square-jawed ranchers to open their minds to evidence supporting a healthy wolf population, it would help to present it from anyone other than a weak-chinned bore with a snobby accent, you know, a narrator who knows the difference between deer and elk, grazers and browsers. Sheesh Jeffrey.