Sunday, September 28, 2014

Video Suggests Hipster Does Not Help Dysplasia

If your dog is broken by hip dysplasia, industrial designer Galia Weiss wants you you to believe she has a partial solution. She worked with a veterinarian to come up with the Hipster, a "harness designed to help pull up and strengthen the dogs’ hip muscles." The harness wraps around the dog’s body and includes a rigid external brace frame along with braces which strap to the hind legs. The whole thing is supposed to keep the hip joint steady, and ease pressure without being a burden on movement.


Does the thing actually work? 

Color me danger-orange skeptical, as the video does NOT show before and after video of the same dog in action. I would think that would be the most basic part of the sales presentation!

In fact, the dog we do see, for all of a second or so, seems to be falling over from dysplasia, and the brace was just put on it. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot.


Viatecio said...

On the one particularly fast-moving graphic, "they" call an umbilical hernia a "skeletal disorder."

Methinks someone needs to do a little more research.

I'm curious HOW THE HELL that thing is supposed to work. Strap it on a dog...yipeekiyay. Dog looks like it doesn't WANT to be strapped in as it walks off.

Nice graphics and all, cutesy music, but I am of the same opinion as you.

Niomi Smith said...

I'd like to call BS on the statement that dogs are not born with bad hips, but that they are due to abnormal development during growth...So, genetics play no role in those hips? Wow, that is a new one to me!

I'd also like to see the peer reviewed studies that show that this "contraption" is anything other than a glorified harness.

PBurns said...

The whole thing is SO off, I thought it was a spoof. But no, this is simply stupid on a stick. Caveat emptor!

James Barratt said...

The music is not needed because we never asked for it, we asked to see a hip device for dogs. Then they should show it working not how to strap it on. Nope I think the video is designer by a designer who works in a completely different field. Bad video. we want to see it on the dog working without music.