Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland Wins

In Scotland, the union has been preserved and yet the Scots have won it all.

No only did they launch a revolution without firing a shot, they also won promises of massive concessions which is proof that they were being treated shabbily and had real grievances which should have been addressed long ago.

What is great about this revolution is that not a shot was fired, change was won, and as the morning dew is burned off the grass, not a single soul will be hanged. The rule of law and the tenets of civility have been preserved at every turn, and not once has anyone needed to unholster a gun or swing a claymore.


Ian Logan said...

The last minute panic stations "vow" is falling apart already. Now that the unionists have had their No vote the three parties that signed "the vow" are back to fighting amongst themselves especially with a Westminster general election on its way in May 2015. Watch all unionist parties being routed in Scotland then.
Oh that and the Yes campaign carries on. It is not over yet.
Oh and my reproduction claymore still hangs above my fireplace!


Ian Logan said...

Dont take my word for it.