Saturday, August 02, 2014

Early Morning Fox Hunt

Moxie has officially chased her first fox!

I had gotten up at about 2 am to begin some writing, deal with the dogs, and then get down to the office by seven for the start of a long day..

At about 5:30 am, I had four loose dogs in the backyard. Two are puppies, of course, and Mountain is on an Invisible Fence collar.  That really left only Marley as a potential "problem child".

The back yard is hard fenced, except for the driveway, but for the last 15 years we have left a 6-inch gap in the back corner open so that fox and possum and raccoon can enter and exit. There is also small dig-out under the fence behind a wood pile -- another place where where fox, raccoon and possum can enter if the wish.  Deer just leap over the fence, of course.

Long story short, a fox entered from somewhere (perhaps the dig out behind the wood pile?) and exited running through the fence corner. Mountain and Misto stayed in the yard, but Marley the Italian Greyhound was on the fox like a flash, and Moxie was right behind.

Both dogs disappeared out of sight into the neighbor's back yard.  It's hard fenced all around, but when I entered, the dogs were nowhere to be seen.

I called, and a few minutes later Moxie showed up, and about 30 seconds later Marley was back too.

Lesson learned! 

I do not think I am going to cover up the two gaps in the fence, as fox and other wildlife will just make new ones. That said, Marley will stay on a long leash from now on. The pups are not going to leave Marley and Mountain Girl on their own -- not yet.

The good news is that I got it all sorted and was down at the office at 7:30 without a hitch. All's well that ends well.

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