Sunday, August 03, 2014

Clicking Past 5 Million

I see the blog has clicked past 5 million views. How many actual viewers there have been is unknown; I do not believe there was any kind of counter up for the first five years or so.

In any case, I do not look at stats very often, as I do not care. While some bloggers break their fingernails trying to bring in readers, creating parallel Facebook accounts, cross-listing themselves in every aggregator they can find, and allowing anonymous commentators to fuel flame wars, I have not. Quite the opposite. I did not start this blog to generate readers, but as a way to supplement what the dogs teach me. My goal was to create a disciplined program of reading and writing in order to help myself learn. At that level, it has been a success.

This blog pulled in 110,438 viewers last month. That's not too many, but probably OK for a one-man effort. After all, I have a real job, a family, and I actually do a few things with the dogs.

While writing this post, I checked to see where folks were coming from, and there was a referral from some site called "blogmetrics" (I have never heard of it before) which says this blog is #14 in the top 50 pet blogs, behind "Cute Overload," "Puppy in Training," and "Nanny Goat in Panties."

Right.  Glad not to be on top then!

Enough.  Time to go out and work with the pups. They will not be young for long.


CrlWln said...

You've proven that you provide interesting and provocative content. I signed up on day one and every day I learn. Thanks for being out there.

Curt said...

I began reading your blog when I was doing research attempting to find information to deal with my dog's seemingly permanent ear infection. My vet was of little help, as she was full of herself (I have a degree in veterinary medicine and am therefore like GOD!) and my dog desperately needed relief from his affliction. Long story short, I found the answers to cure him on your site and 3 years later I come back two or 3 times a week.

Many, many thanks!

william said...

My favorite all-time blog! Would love to take my staghound out hunting with you someday.