Monday, July 07, 2014

Made in the USA

My guess is that there is a land-office business underway, right now, repackaging rawhide chews made in China, Thailand, and Mexico, and putting them in "Made in the USA" packaging. The markup from this grift would embarrass a crack dealer, and who would check? The penalty would be ridiculously low, and since almost none of these fly-by-night chew toy companies have a name to protect, the real business model would be to sweep earnings out and overseas every week, and to declare bankruptcy soon after the first question was raised.


M said...

Grifters gotta grift. What's a dog owner to do?

How to make your own:

Also doesn't have to be high quality chicken - a pack of the cheap boneless skinless thighs makes a ton of training treats in minutes.

Cassandra Was Right said...

Yes, like M, it is totally simple to make your own jerky. I make mine with beef. In fact, it's not even necessary to put in the oven; can be air-dried using AC filters and a box fan.