Monday, July 21, 2014

Haters Gotta Hate (thinking not required)

The face of stupid looks just a little bit effeminate.

From the Metro
(UK) comes this little missive:
The leader of the youth arm of the British National Party has launched an attack on someone that he perceives to ‘challenge his principles’ – his own ‘gay’ dog.

Jack Renshaw, a student at Manchester University and the head of the BNP Youth, wrote the Facebook post alongside a picture of Derek the dog, in which he criticised the mutt for ‘licking the penises of other male dogs’.

‘I wish my dog would stop licking the penises of other male dogs,’ he wrote.

‘I love you, Derek (my dog) – but – don’t challenge my principles because my principles will likely win.’

Renshaw was recently involved in a controversial BNP recruitment film entitled ‘Fight Back’, in which he addresses his ‘fellow British youth’.

‘Who is responsible for the ongoing attempt to eradicate the British culture and the British identity through the forced assimilation of different cultures and different peoples?’ he asks.

Among other groups, including cultural Marxists and the media, ‘militant homosexuals’ comprise an ‘unholy alliance’ which is destroying society, according to Renshaw and his pals.

Want to see how terrible the BNP is? Here you go. Apparently Britain is in the shitter because of the "zionists" and the "cutural marxists"  and the "capitalists" and the "militant homosexuals" and "the media."

Right.  These kids are just ugly, angry, alienated, ignorant losers. Hitler's children come to Britain.


ChrisEstMonNom said...

They are scumbags. Luckily they've become a lot less successful in recent years and - presumably because they're all such horrible people - they have a tendency to fall out at the drop of a hat and wreck their own party.

5string said...

Well, the way Britain has gone you can't really blame their youth for being angry. Not that I know one thing about the BNP or give a crap.

And hate - extreme dislike - one of those human emotions the media likes play upon in order to make us think like they want us to. We love. We hate. We are human. He who is called a "hater" is no doubt a lover also. It's the nature of the beast. But the hater labelers want you to be ashamed. You must love everyone like the labelers (pretend to).
Throw that monicker around if it makes you feel superior. You are exposed. We know hater labelers are haters too. And that's okay. We are all human.

PBurns said...

This is just babble 5-string.

"The way Britain has gone..."

Gee the poor things. One of the strongest economies in the world, with no war, no one hungry, no one living in fear, everyone literate, all rooms heated in winter, entirely free schools, decent free health care, clean water coming from every tap, and with indoor toilets in every building.

Poor things.

No one has ever had it so hard.

Your rationalization of overt organized antisemitism, homophobia and racism is sad. Do you shrug at the Klan too? The Nazis?

Contrary to your mewing apology for antisemitism, homophobia and racism, most people do NOT hate. They actually spend their lives improving the world and reaching across economic, racial, and religious lines, and the world applauds them for it. The world celebrates Ghandi, Mandela, Martin Luther King, and the Nobel Peace Prize. It celebrates Mother Theresa and has tax systems that encourage charity. The laws in Britain, the U.S., and almost every civilized country in the world work to protect diversity and to punish hate, not give it the Big Wink or offer it an apology as you do here.

5string said...

Immigrant invasion, Sharia Law, constant surveillance by government, bureaucracies to regulate everything under the sun, sky-high tax rates, health care delays, criminal coddling and victim punishment, knifepoint muggings, yes, that is Britain.
A sensible person with reasonable expectations should hate all of that.

To be clear, I am writing about hate as an emotion, not actions. Hate is applied to actions by those with an agenda to make those actions appear even worse, such as in "hate crime". How is one murder not as bad as another murder by one who use a racial epithet, for instance? That is hogwash. Both murders are equally reprehensible and none deserves a more severe punishment than the other.

Just saying here that hate is a normal emotion. BUT if those emotions lead to ACTIONs that are criminal such as guilty parties you mention, Nazis, KKK, well then, justice must prevail over those who committed the crimes. But to punish one for thoughts is, well, that is where the "thought police" come into play.

Step up for your brain scan and questionnaire and we'll decide if you need to be sent to "conditioning camp". Coming soon to a progressive society near you!

5string said...

And BTW, Mandela was a youthful terrorist and the Nobel Peace prize was awarded to Obama for... just being Obama!

I do not apologize for antisemitism and racism. In fact I hold the Jewish community in high regard and hope the IDF gives Hamas what it deserves. And I believe you are another individual who mistakenly uses "homophobia" in place of anti-homosexuality. Wouldn't homophobia literally be a fear of ourselves, or sexually speaking, a fear of homosexuals?
Just because one doesn't agree that a person's sexual habits should be their defining characteristic as a human being doesn't mean they are afraid of them.
But I can tell you why the homosexual activists picked "phobia" to call anti-homos. It's the chilhood equivalent of calling one a "fraidy-cat" to goad them into doing something they don't want to and it's on the same mental level.

That's enough "babbling" for now. Gotta go and thanks for publishing. This babbling is a time waster for sure. Especially considering the ears it falls upon.

Gotta take out the Ratties as I'm sure there's a Fence Lizard or a Five Stripe Skink around the yard clutter that needs reprimanding.