Saturday, June 07, 2014

Puppies on the Way!

One of these little cuties (Brownie) is coming my way. Adam (FoxCrest Working Jack Russell Terriers) hunts his dogs in New York, and the sire here is Hank who is 10 1/2" and 12 pounds, and the dam is Maggee who is 10 inches and who tips in at 9 pounds. The general rule is to go with a female, as they will be smaller, all things being equal, but when the sire and dam are this small, all things are not equal.

Adam has had Jacks for coming on 30 years and he and I think a lot alike, which is not odd since we both dig on the same quarry, in the same country, in the same kind of earth. There's not too much theory among us when it comes to what we want to see in a working terrier, and neither one of us is chasing paper! The good news, for those in the market for a small worker who will be treated as a well-loved house pet, is that a few pups are still available.

Another puppy, a female, is also coming to Casa Terrierman very soon -- this one from Summit Valley Kennel, a JRTCA breeder in Maryland. The sire is an "under" bronzed dog who is a grandson of Bruno (Sailor's dad) and the dam is a drop-dead gorgeous "under" out of British working terrier stock. The breeder of the stud dog is keeping a male from this litter. Four of the pups are already spoken for, but a male is still available as of yesterday.

It's been years and years since I had a puppy, and I have never had two puppies at once, so this will be exciting. The female will be arriving a few weeks sooner, so lots of pictures when than happens.


mugwump said...

Yay! I get to do puppies through you! Says the old, tired, over-dogged woman.

seeker said...

Good luck to you and your shoes. Puppies this age are lots of fun and work but I know you and Mountain will enjoy the heck out of them. I hadn't had puppies for 40+ years when my rescue Katie came to me pregnant. All I can say is be patient enough to laugh your way through it. You will survive but a belonging or two may not.

Debi and the TX Jack/Rat Pack