Sunday, June 08, 2014

Is It Time to Meet the RSPCA With Force?

The continuing criminal enterprise known as the RSPCA went after 79-year old Brian Nuttall, who was not violating the law.

They produce NO EVIDENCE, stole his dog, and stuck taxpayers with the bill. Again.

Another disgraceful performance. And they have yet to give Mr. Nuttall back his dog. Theft!

Meanwhile, out of the U.K. comes story and pictures of other dogs seized by the RSPCA that were returned dead, skinned, and dissected to remove the owner's microchip. Again, no charge from the RSPCA, but lawyers have been called and a case is being filed.

Meanwhile the RSPCA continues to roll in money, while doing little -- a situation they paper over by claiming that work done by their affiliates is done by the main office.  Not true!

As with the HSUS (an organization that just paid $15.75 million to avoid organized crime charges)
the RSPCA pockets nearly all the cash from direct mail and charity-beggars and passes on very little of it to the locals.


beverley fowler said...

the problem in the UK is these thieves dog hating lieing bastards aka rspca have hood winked the public into thinking all dogs and hunting are illigal and cruel and with there huge arsenal of money anybody who dares to challenge them get a major hate campain against them aswell as all manner of legal theats they know we cant compete with there finacial might so they look to drag things out and make anything and everything as costly as possible as again they know they wont foot the bill the uk tax payer will its time all this ended and the raspca were made to pay there way, they tried to do a deal were they gave up the charity status in return for powers along the lines of the police but lucky for us the police blocked it and parliment backed the police thankgod but the police and the rspca work hand in hand and are all corupt but get away with it as there is no organization in the UK big enough and with enough finacial clout to challenge them

Dan said...

Another thing the RSPCA are still making noise about is the control measures in the UK that are being made against bovine tuberculosis.

Bovine TB is better termed zoonotic tuberculosis, since it will happily spread between cows, badgers, cats, deer and humans. It is classed as a level 3 pathogen, that is to say not one of the real nasties but still lethal to humans if untreated.

The history of the disease is interesting; it used to be endemic in Britain, but was pushed to near-extinction first by testing cattle herds and culling those that tested positive, then by gassing badger setts in areas where cattle kept getting re-infected with it. That worked like a charm; the incidence dropped to almost zero, before the incoming Blair government completely stopped all such gassing and relied instead on just cattle testing. This government also protected badgers so heavily that they almost became sacred animals; the badger population (controlled by landowners in the past) exploded.

You can see where this is going, can't you? Population explosion of near-perfect wildlife hosts for zoonotic TB, and all control of these animals prohibited.

That's a recipe for a disease epidemic, and that is exactly what has happened. The UK badly needs to revisit old research and experimentation and get back to the only known-effective control mechanism.

Needless to say, the RSPCA is opposing a resumption of gassing of badgers, even using carbon monoxide instead of cyanide. Not because this causes suffering (apparently the culling of cattle herds isn't animal welfare related), not because they want to help out a mycobacterium, but because most of the RSPCA support comes from the left-wing hard of thinking sorts of people.

The current UK government is vaguely right-wing, and is being pushed further right by haemorraging of support in favour of an even further right wing party. Even this enrages the left-wingers, though (apparently democracy is only OK if the people vote for lefties), and control of a lethal disease has somehow gotten tangled up with politics.

The RSPCA, cynical bastards that they are, see nothing wrong in exploiting wooly-minded gormlessness to make a quick buck.

Kim Hayes said...

I am hoping that you post this. I am fighting the rspca on dog theft. its a case me gunning for them. I am self litigant in my case charging them with theft, bullying detainment, harassing, coercion, out right theft. please march against the rspca and now thank you so much .

Kim Hayes said...

please join in on the march against the rspca .. thank you

Mike Reed said...

I have more respect for the Animal Liberation Front. They may be wackos but they never pretend to be legal and are prepared to do their jail time.