Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hillbilly Junkyard Millionaire Laughing at America

The premise of this "reality show" is that some crazy old hillbilly junkyard man, now worth $75 million, is going to "leave it all to his dogs" (three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels).

However, his "not really a gold-digger" wife, his two sons, and various assorted hangers-on are going to find a way to derail that plan and scoot the loot out of the dog house, and into their own pockets.


Real story: A fun old guy who is loaded to the gills after a lifetime of hard work and wheeling-and-dealing is playing you, and everyone else, like a fiddle because he needs the attention and it amuses him to see how gullible other people are.

His kinfolks and his friends are all in on the deal.

While the camera is on them, the laughing stock is really the audience.

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