Thursday, June 05, 2014

Dog Power!

Dan Berber, an American Bulldog breeder in Georgia, says: "This is the way I exercise my dogs. I started with one treadmill and now I have 10. Now my dogs have plenty of exercise."

Canine treadmills and wheels, of course, have an ancient history, with dog power used to power everything from turnspits and butter churns to washing machines.

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M said...

Its a nice collection of slatmills. Carpet mills are usually what I have looked into for the little dogs as they tend to work a little nicer/quieter, work pretty well with the lighter weight of a small dog, and be a bit safer for wee toes. They are also much easier to construct on your own.

There are many commercially available doggie mills available now from companies like dog trotter. Most of the time though unless you're specifically conditioning your dogs for something a normal treadmill on craigslist is a much cheaper option.