Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Coffee and Provocation

30 Percent of the World is Fat
Apparently, we need smaller plates all over.

Before We Feared Guns
We feared hat pins.

Fred Flintstone's Car Took a Real Beating
A new study says that the ancestors of today's big, flightless birds like the ostrich, the emu and the rhea, once flew around the world. Not too surprising, since these ratites are now found in Africa, Australia, and South America.  Did anyone think their ancestors walked or swam?

Animal Sex
There are things I do not talk about in the world of animal sex.  Like the "golden shower" thing with Porcupines.  But apparently my self-restraint is not shared by the folks over at Discover magazine where they insist on telling us about whales having a ménage à trois, cunnilingus in bats, and fellating bears.  Disgusting and ridiculous, and I will not have such things on this blog. At least they have not yet written about this. Yet.

How to Build a Better Dog
I disagree with everything in this article. I bet you do too.

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