Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Continuing Crisis

The front page story in the Telluride Daily Planet was about how a local hash oil operation was discovered when the proprieter's Pit Bull bit him on his penis, necessitating a call to emergency medical services.  

There is some question as to whether making hash oil is against the law in Colorado, so the obvious legal Big Deal was whether the butane tanks used to cook the solvent through the reflux tower might have been dangerous. 

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado is a work in progress.

The store and sign, below, are located a block from our hotel in Denver.

I am told the police use dogs at the airport to prevent reefer bought in Colorado from flying out to other states. The horror! 

Landlords which allow tobacco smoking now have to figure out whether they will also allow marijuana smoking. 

Every County and district has to decide whether they are going to allow local marijuana sales -- same as alcohol. 

Unsolicited, a store owner in Durango told me the folks in Telluride were "very relaxed" about marijuana.  Apparently this is now a new Chamber of Commerce talking point, along with the fact that local microbreweries produce 200 kinds of beer. 

Meanwhile, the roads are no straighter, snow and ice continue to fall from the sky, and Charles Darwin continues to prune the tree of life. Drive carefully. The police may no longer be able to bust hippies for grass, but the Mountains still bat last.

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